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Welcome to the Jax.Network Wiki,
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85 pages. Established April 27, 2021.
This wiki is maintained by the Jax.Network community.


Jax.Network is anchored to the Bitcoin blockchain that follows the JaxNet protocol and issues scalable, stable, and decentralized JAX coins.

The goal of the project is to establish JAX as a universal energy-based standard for quantification of economic value. JaxNet protocol utilizes Proof of Work consensus.


The blockchain network Jax.Network is an advantageous ecosystem for miners, exchange agents and casual users. In contrast to numerous single-chain blockchain networks, it accomplishes a multychain sharded design which drastically improves performance under heavy workload without a threat of centralisation and without negative effects on user experience.

Users of Jax.Network can enjoy:

  • Permissionless and borderless ecosystem for all actors.
  • Anonymous accounts.
  • Censorship-resistant transactions.

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Q. What transaction throughput can Jax.Network support?

A. Jax.Network can potentially scale to unlimited throughput as long as there is a demand and sufficient network resources for it.

Q. What are native coins of Jax.Network?

A. There are two coins in Jax.Network: Jax and JaxNet. JAX coins will be mainly used for day-to-day transactions and can handle mass adoption due to the network’s ability to scale. JAXNET coins reflect the value of the entire network and are speculative in nature.

Q. Can I use my ASIC devices to mine Jax or JaxNet coins?

A. Jax.Network mining relies on SHA256 hashing algorithm to generate Proof-of-Work. The compatibility with a Stratum V1 protocol is preserved. So all ASIC devices used for Bitcoin mining could be used for Jax and JaxNet mining.

Q. How do I edit this wiki?

A. Create a wiki account and get it activated.

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