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Scott Stornetta

W. Scott Stornetta is one of the founding fathers of blockchain technology. The first mention of a blockchain architecture was from a publication he co-authored which described a digital hierarchy system known as a “block chain” that utilised digital time-stamps for ordering transactions.Together with his long-time colleague and collaborator, Stuart Haber, W. Scott Stornetta laid the foundation for the emergence of today’s blockchain technology revolution.[1]

Stornetta is touted as the co-inventor of the blockchain, together with Stuart Haber. Their publications are considered as a first step in solving so-called data immutability problem. The concept of blockchain was adopted by Satoshi Nakamoto, who has developed it into the first blockchain network Bitcoin.

Stornetta has spent decades contributing valuable research and published materials to the field of cryptography and distributed computing, and has consulted for several universities on the establishment of startup companies. He is an official advisor of Jax.Network project.

W. Scott Stornetta has 2 current jobs as Partner, Chief Scientist at Yugen Partners and Fellow at Creative Destruction Lab (CDL).[2]

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