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Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.


Is JaxNetwork open source?

Jax.Network is an open-source platform that is published on GitLab, so anyone can make a contribution and use it.


What transaction throughput can Jax.Network support?

Jax.Network can potentially scale to unlimited throughput as long as there is a demand and sufficient network resources for it.


What is a difference between shard chain coins and beacon chain coins?

Beacon chain coins are an asset for people who wish to store value in our network and speculate on the value of Jax.Network. Beacon chain coins are deflationary and allow for only 10 transactions per second. Shard chain coins are scalable and stable and hence mainly suited for consumption. They have no speculative value.


Can I use my ASIC devices to mine Jax or JaxNet coins?

Jax.Network mining relies on SHA256 hashing algorithm to generate Proof-of-Work. The compatibility with a Stratum V1 protocol is preserved. So all ASIC devices used for Bitcoin mining could be used for Jax and JaxNet mining.


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